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Diving In to The Benefits of Salt-Water Pools

Most people know that swimming in a standard pool is a great workout and antidote for stress, but it may surprise you that swimming in a salt-water pool provides even more health benefits!

Salt-water contains a plethora of rejuvenating properties –it exfoliates, detoxifies, and helps the body retain moisture. The benefits of exercise in salt-water have been lauded for thousands of years. Salt-water pools are becoming increasingly popular because of their numerous advantages. Through modern methods, we can capture the benefits of salt-water at residential and public pools across the nation, including our very own salt-water pool at Towne Club Windermere. Below are a few of the benefits exclusive to salt-water pools.

Fewer Chemicals

One big advantage is that salt-water pools use fewer chemicals. The salt in a salt-water pool acts as a continuous source of convertible chlorine. That is, the salt converts to chlorine, but is much milder than the chemical-based chlorine found in other pools. The levels of chlorine in a salt-water pool water are low, yet effectively disinfect the pool. Another perk of using fewer chemicals—bathing suits hold color longer.

No More Lingering Pool Odor

Because salt-water pools use fewer chemicals, you’re free from the strong, lingering scent of chlorine on hair, skin, and bathing suits. Our salt-water pool makes it easier for you to take a dip and move on to your next activity—a visit to our full-service spa or lunch with a friend—without bringing the pool odor with you.

Softer Skin

You’ve probably experienced dry skin following a dip in the pool. Salt-water pools have the opposite effect—the water can actually make your skin (and hair) softer.

Better for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Heavy doses of chlorine tend to cause red eyes and can exacerbate health conditions. Because it’s lower in chemicals and is gentler on skin, salt-water is especially helpful to those with sensitive skin or who suffer with asthma, allergy or other health concerns.

Take a Dip

Swimming helps relax the body and provides an excellent workout, especially for seniors, because it is a low impact activity that works multiple muscle groups. The stronger you are, and the more relaxed you are, the better you’ll look and feel. For even more fantastic benefits, consider joining an aquatic group exercise class! In a group setting seniors can reap a slew of additional advantages, including improved cognitive function and mental health benefits associated with increased social interaction.

The advantages of swimming in a salt-water pool make the resort-style salt-water pool at Towne Club Windermere even more appealing. Invite friends and experience a rejuvenating swim, or relax on the underwater seating benches. For more information regarding the services offered at Towne Club Windermere, contact us today.

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