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The Importance of Life-Long Learning

After retirement it is not uncommon for seniors to face a period of mental stagnation that can lead to decline. Finding ways to combat this natural tendency is important for seniors so that they can continue to function longer and enjoy life. Learning can help seniors avoid the natural mental decline for a longer period of time. Below are some of the benefits of learning for seniors.


Learning Provides Social Benefits

Seniors who are active have an edge on being able to keep the mind sharp. Continuing education by taking college courses after retiring keeps the mind sharp and helps defeat cognitive impairment. Exploring new concepts and continuing to study feeds the mind and keeps it active longer. It also enables intelligent discussion with others that can open the mind to new insights – and even greater mental development. Taking courses at a local college, university or adult-learning institution enables seniors to learn in an organized environment, and encourages collaboration and provides the opportunity to meet new people. Social engagement keeps our minds sharp and helps seniors avoid the loneliness that can contribute to feelings of depression.

Formal Education Provides Additional Challenges

The world and society around us are changing constantly. An adaptive mindset is necessary in order to keep up with the changing world around us. Some colleges even offer their courses for free in order to help seniors keep learning. Taking the exams and doing the homework keeps the mind challenged and engaged, says LoveBeingRetired. It also allows us to adapt to new information and cope with changes.

New Talents Open New Worlds

After retirement, seniors are able to spend time learning and doing new things. USNews says that learning new things – either through college courses, books, or with hands on experience, gives them a way to develop interests they never had time to before. For some seniors, learning means speaking a foreign language, while for others it could mean adopting a new hobby like playing the guitar, or playing a new leisure sport.

Entrepreneurship Provides an Outlet for Productivity

Life-long learning may also enable seniors to start their own business. In some cases, there could be less financial risk involved for a senior because they may already be receiving retirement benefits and do not need the income from the business to survive. A new business could enable them to bring in some extra income, meet new people, and provide a productive way to spend time.

Staying Active Helps Stay Mentally Sharp

Staying physically active is also very important. An active body and an active mind go hand-in-hand; a study in Chicago revealed that seniors who stayed active were 2.6 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia. Staying active for seniors can be as easy as taking the occasional stroll, or playing a leisure sport like golf, croquet or bocce ball.


At Towne Club Windermere, seniors can live an active lifestyle and enjoy life-long learning. For more information concerning our healthcare programs and the services offered at Towne Club Windermere, please contact us today.

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